Water pumps in cars


Water pumps are cool and all, but did you know you also have a water pump in your car? What’s funny is the fact that the water pump in your car does not pump water but coolant. You would think that the name says it all: a water pump pumps water around. But as previously said, this is not the case with the water pump in your car. This is necessary to cool your engine, which heats up by burning fuel. Exhaust gasses carry off a part of that heat, but another part is absorbed by the engine. The circulation of coolant prevents it from overheating.


How does it work? The coolant is heated in the engine block and then pumped tot the nose of the car. There it comes in the radiator, which is cooled by the wind or cooling dan. The circulating coolant is circulated by a water pump mounted on the engine. Compare the impeller in the pump with a watermill that runs continuously, allowing the liquid to flow through the system. A bearing and seal ring together ensure that the pump runs smoothly, and the coolant does not leak out. The mechanism is driven via the pulley by a multi-belt or timing belt / chain.


Why does it wear? Often, an outdated pump will leak coolant. If you do not notice this in time, then the cooling system will run out of coolant and the engine will become too hot. This leakage can also cause coolant to enter the bearing. Consequence: the bearing is going to run heavier and eventually the entire pump is stuck. Or worse: the engine runs spoke due to a broken distribution drive. Do you need to top up coolant because the level is too low? Then have the water pump checked by a water pump specialist.