Visit the Best of Both Land and Sea Panoramas in Sardinia, Italy


This Italian Mediterranean island not only offers a great amount of attractions in the waters, but of the land where Roman conquerors built historical cities and temples. Discover castles and picturesque grottoes amidst the island’s white-sand beaches and pristine waters with Sardinia tourist attractions.

Get to explore remains of stone towers built around 1,500 BC, UNESCO Heritage Sites, and museums that delve into the history of the island. We’ve listed the top things to do in Sardinia without getting wet.

Visit important historical sites

Tourists often visit Cagliari and Southern Sardinia as their first stop and stroll along its medieval steps. A visit to the Piazza della Costituzione and Bastione San Remy is a must to learn the historical perspective of the sites. Close from here is the ancient city of Nora, influenced and plagued by conquerors such as the Phoenicians and Romans.

Other historical sites to visit:

  1. Nuraghe Su Nuraxi, UNESCO Best Restoration
  2. Nuraghe Losa
  3. Arzachena Prehistoric Sites
  4. Santa Cristina Nuraghe and the Holy Well
  5. Nuraghe Santu Antine.
  6. Sant’Andrea Priu
  7. Burgos Castle
  8. Castello della Fava
  9. Tharros

Go museum hopping in Sardinia

For culture and history lovers, Sardinia’s museums cover archaeological finds, handcraft finds, and even exhibitions of magic and sorcery. One can even find the museum dedicated to the first Italian woman ever to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature: Grazia Deledda.

Go on a hopping tour in these museums:

  1. National Archaeological Museum
  2. Giovanni Marongiu Civic Museum
  3. Museo Deleddiano
  4. Museum of Mediterranean Masks
  5. Multimedia Museum of Canto a Tenore

Take a ride to nearby places

You can call a cab or rent a car to venture in these nearby places in Sardinia. More info about car hire on the island: From ports and valleys, to nearby islands and cities, Sardinia connects you to beautiful places reeking with ancient history.

Here’s where to go:

  1. Costa Smeralda
  2. Porto Cervo
  3. Alghero
  4. Bosa
  5. Maddalena Islands
  6. Castelsardo
  7. Sassari

Savor the island’s natural wonders

If you’re looking for a short break, you can take respite with Sardinia’s historical gardens. You can even find a cave and go spelunking or hike in the islands’ many mountain trails. Why not go rock-climbing or sailing if you’re feeling adventurous?

  1. Climb up in Via Ferrata del Cabirol
  2. Sail in one of its many coastlines
  3. Hike in Gola Su Gorropu
  4. Cave spelunk in Neptune’s Grotto
  5. Relax in Parco di san Leonardo di Siete Fuentes
  6. Stroll in an open-air museum at Orto botanico

Drive and stay dry

The villages and towns in Sardinia are a little bit far from each other, so it’s wise to rent a car and venture the island yourself. Public transport is good and there’s not too much traffic around. You can easily rent a car in many for hire locations such as Olbia, Alghero, Pula, and Oristano to name a few.

To rent a car, you will need to present your passport, and international driver’s license. Typical costs of car rental around around $30 to $70 and may include liability insurance.