What is a Calculator?

Computers and Electronics

From ancient times, there has been a need for man to know basic arithmetic operations. From using his hands to an abacus to a slide rule and now, a modern-day calculator, man had gradually discovered the need to use a device to calculate as there is only so much a person can count on his …

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Tamanu oil and hair

Beauty and Personal Care

Woman and her hair is still a great and never-ending love story. All women are looking for better ways to enhance their hair. The application of vegetable oils, whether as a hair mask or styling oil, helps to nourish and moisturize the hair. Among these oils is Tamanu oil. In addition to its benefits on …

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What are P2P Markets and Exchanges?


P2P exchanges allow market participants to trade directly with each other without any reliable third parties to process all transactions. Regular cryptocurrency exchanges are enterprises that serve as mediators among their users and make a revenue by charging fees. On the contrary, interactions between counterparts in peer exchanges are directed exclusively by preprogrammed software, without …

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Real love needs retreats

leisure and Hobby

Love, in all its forms, is profound and beautiful. “Real love” lasts endlessly; even after the ultimate separation caused by the death of the one we love. Rumi wisely said: “Farewell is only for those who love their eyes. Nevertheless, love is in essence rather delicate. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, ie grandparent, …

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