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How to Extend the Life of Your Hot Water Heater

If you’re looking for ways to lengthen the life of your hot water heater, there are several factors you should know. In this article, we’ll cover: Sediment buildup, Salt water softeners, and reduced duty cycle. If you have a water heater that has a low duty cycle, a good way to lengthen its life is to add a few of these maintenance tasks to your annual list or call Rodgers Plumbing in the Dallas area.

Anode rod

If your water heater has an anode rod, the best way to repair it yourself is to use a wrench or an impact wrench to loosen it. A breaker bar and impact wrench may not be sufficient to loosen it. Using an air compressor is a good alternative. The rod can often be difficult to loosen with tools such as a socket or a breaker bar. Then, lift the spent rod from the heater and replace it with a new one. Be sure to use pipe-joint compound to ensure a good connection between the two metals.

Sediment buildup

There are several ways to detect sediment buildup in your hot water heater. The visual appearance of your water may have small particles or a rust-like hue. If you get your water from a shallow well or near surface waters, sediment buildup is more likely. Your water heater can also begin to consume more energy as a result. So, preventing sediment buildup can extend the life of your hot water heater.

Salt water softeners

The key to extending the life of your hot water heater is to use a water softener that is designed to soften your water. Make sure to choose a high-quality cube or pellet, instead of solar or rock salt. This will reduce the amount of salt that you use and save you money in the long run. Also, do not use cheap salt, as this may result in bridging, a condition where the salt crystals from the softening process melt together and form a crust, causing buildup inside the tank.

Reduced duty cycle

The duty cycle of your hot water heater is the time required by your hot water heater to heat up water. Generally speaking, the longer your duty cycle, the longer the life of your hot water heater. Depending on the model, a reduced duty cycle can mean a longer lifetime. Choosing the right duty cycle will help your hot water heater last for many years. Reduced duty cycles are ideal for homes with multiple shower heads and water points.

Checking the T&P valve

There are two problems with the T&P valve. Either it is constantly leaking, or it sticks and won’t open or close. If the latter is the case, you should contact an expert to fix the problem.

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