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The ultimate Barcelona bucketlist: a quick guide for your first trip

Barcelona is the second larger city of Spain and one of the most popular destination in Europe. This city has its very own personality, mostly due to the influence of 20th century artist and architect like Antoni Gaudi, whose buildings are like nothing built before. This beautiful city has many things to offer, so here let’s explore the best things to do in Barcelona:

Visit Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Família is a famous and unfinished Roman Catholic church. It is considered to be a masterpiece of Gaudí, combining Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms. The church is not yet completed and is planned to be finished by 2026. This church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. If you travel to Barcelona this should be at the top of your bucket list. If you buy your tickets online, you can skip a long waiting line.

Walk by La Rambla

Also known as Las Ramblas, this is a 1,2 km long crowded street in central Barcelona. It cuts through the heart of the city and is a vibrant and lively boulevard filled with Barcelona action at its best. There you will find restaurants, coffee shops, and even a public market. Be aware that the boulevard is also infamous for thieves and pickpocketers.

Enjoy the Tapas

Tapas is a selection of shared plates, mostly appetizers or snacks, that you will find in every restaurant in Barcelona. The most popular Tapas are made of Spanish delicacy such as a mix of olives and manchego cheese, or chopitos, which are battered, fried baby squids. You can enjoy your tapas with a cold beer or a sangria. Most restaurant has its own selection of tapas, so don’t be afraid an order them.

Have a good time at La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is a neighbourhood in the Old City of Barcelona. If you are looking for a relaxing trip this is the place to go. La Barceloneta is famous for its sandy beach and numerous restaurants and nightclubs along the board walk.

Don’t forget about the museums and exhibitions

In Barcelona, there are numerous remarkable museums and exhibitions, some that you should visit: Casa Mila that was also designed by Gaudí; Montjuïc Castle has a beautiful panoramic view of the city; Camp Nou which is largest football stadium in Europe and 2nd biggest in the world; Tibidabo, a mountain overlooking Barcelona featuring a church and amusement park, The Columbus monument, built in 1888 for the World Exposition honoring Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas.


If you are wondering about transportation, in Barcelona you can walk between sights, it allows you to know the city and enjoy your trip. The city is also bike-friendly and has a great public transport network (metros and buses). Be aware that in peak season the most touristic transportation routes are crowded, so it is a good idea to rent a car here, specially, if you plan to start a road trip across Spain.