Top 10 Multi-Family Offices in Europe


Top 10 Multi-Family Offices in Europe

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the term family office could denote several generations of a family running a business together. They are not wrong since it is one of the definitions. In the world of financial services, the term family offices encompass much more.

In essence, family offices function as private wealth management advisory firms serving ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals. Family offices differ from traditional wealth management firms in one aspect – they provide comprehensive, outsourced solutions for a range of personalized services beyond financial and investment planning. Generally, they serve just one family (single-family offices) or several ultra-high-net-worth families (multi-family offices).
Using a holistic approach, family offices provide services to address numerous aspects of their clients’ lives – from high-level financial planning, investment management, and charitable giving advice to ensuring bill payments or staff payroll. Additionally, the family office can also look into the smooth functioning of tasks like private schooling, travel arrangements, and a host of other concierge services.

Top Multi-Family Offices in Europe:

  1. J. Stern & Co.
    HQ: London and Zurich
    Founding Year: 2012
    J. Stern & Co. is an investment partnership specializing in wealth management for several seriously high-profile clients. Their highly-qualified investment professionals provide clients with in-house investment research, portfolio management, and operational support at the highest level. The firm invests globally in stocks, bonds, and other assets that offer quality and value on behalf of families, entrepreneurs, trusts, charities, and other long-term investors.
  2. Banque Heritage
    HQ: Geneva, Switzerland
    Founding Year: 1986
    AUM: 4.18 bn CHF
    Banque Heritage is a family-controlled Swiss private bank formed by the merger of Banque Heritage SA and Sallfort Privatbank AG. It has its headquarters in Geneva and offices in Basel, Sion, and Zurich. What initially began as respective family offices for like-minded individuals transformed into private banks with broad investment offerings – from traditional to hedge fund investments to own sourced club deals where clients can invest alongside the founding families.
  3. iVesta Family Office
    HQ: Paris, France
    Founding Year: 2017
    Founded by three young entrepreneurs, iVesta Family Office aims to be the ‘Family Office 2.0’ for new generation entrepreneurs. The firm already has a billion assets advised, offering entrepreneurs the possibility of managing their assets as they manage their company. Through strategic planning, discernment, and anticipation, this new family office acts as a heritage ‘Comex,’ mentally and materially relieving their clients who have little time to devote to heritage issues.
  4. Stonehage Fleming Multi- Family Office
    HQ: Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom
    Founding Year: 2015 (Stonehage 1976, Fleming 2000)
    AUM: $55 billion (2019)
    As one of the largest multi-family offices in the world, Stonehage Fleming manages over $55 billion of assets. It was formed in 2015 when Fleming Family & Partners, the family office run by relatives of banking pioneer Robert Fleming and James Bond creator Ian Fleming, merged with Stonehage, an international family office with its roots in South Africa.
    The firm specializes in family wealth protection, management of family assets, succession, and governance, along with a range of advisory services. Headquartered in Jersey, United Kingdom, it also has other offices in London, Switzerland, Israel, Luxembourg, South Africa, the USA, and Canada.
  5. Alpenrose Wealth Management International 
    HQ: Geneva, Switzerland
    Founding Year: 2010
    AUM: $462.08 million (2019)
    Alpenrose Wealth Management International is a Swiss independent wealth management company offering bespoke financial solutions. The company provides state-of-the-art investment advisory and private banking services to private clients and wealthy families. Services range from asset management and tax or legal planning to strategic partnerships. They pride themselves on the highest standards of trust and 100% ownership by Swiss shareholders.
  6. Ariete Family Office
    HQ: Barcelona, Spain
    Founding Year: 2009
    Ariete Family Office provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice and consultancy service to its clients. Founded in 2009 by Keko Martinez, a former football player, the organization caters to sports professionals, artists, and other HNWI and managing their family assets.
    The Ariete team specializes in several areas that encompass wealth management: financial planning, advisory services in real estate or private equity, tax planning, wealth coaching, and social work advice. Together with their clients, Ariete develops financial life plans catering to their respective needs and effectively manages savings and investments.
  7. Invicto Capital 
    HQ: Cyprus
    Founding Year: 2012
    Invicto Capital is a leading Family Office located in Cyprus specializing in personalized wealth management since 2012. The Invicto team has an international network of financial and business contacts, allowing them to provide comprehensive services and connections to their clients.
    Invicto Capital focus’ on long-term strategies and partnerships with their clients and many different business’. The team is known to have an average of 25 years in the industry, making them very experienced in the all aspects of financial and legal services.
  8. Agami MFO
    HQ: Brussels
    Founding Year: 2006
    Agami is a leading multi-family office for French-speaking Europe founded in 2006 by Francois Simon and Laurent de Swarte. Both have extensive experience in banking and other family offices, along with knowledge of how to best manage the heritage of entrepreneur families or wealthy families. Apart from their main office in Brussels, Agami also serves clients in Paris, Lyon, and even Lisbon, Portugal.
    As a Multi-Family Office, they offer a broad range of services. They assist in wealth structuring, advise on financial investments, or help with succession planning and real-estate. They also provide advisory services for clients seeking to make private equity deals.
  1. Torovell & Partners Wealth Management 
    HQ: Manchester, England
    Founding Year: 2018
    Torevell & Partners Wealth Management is considered one of the leading financial advisory firms in the north of England. They are the only family office in the United Kingdom specialized to clients with an established wealth of more than 10 million pounds sterling outside of London. The company has strong links and an extensive network in the North East but offer their services in the whole United Kingdom.
    They engage in active advisory management, giving their clients the final say, but providing all necessary information to make a well-informed choice. The company is known for its expertise in the field of investment research. Besides wealth management, they also offer various services for their distinguished clientele, such as concierge services, advisory for the arts, education, or philanthropy.
  2. Square Capital
    HQ: London
    Founding Year: 2005
    AUM: €1.3Bn
    Square Capital is an international multi-family office catering to specific investment management and advisory needs of private clients. Independence, transparency, and alignment of interests are at the center of their approach. The company aims to perpetuate and grow its clients’ wealth over multiple generations.
    Some of the key success factors are their institutional setup (trading platform, reporting, and risk control systems), along with long-standing relationships with major financial institutions.