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Ideas for your van

Have you decided to build a camper yourself? And are you looking for motorhome building ideas for your new dream motorhome? Fortunately, a lot can be found online about this. Because many have already been there before you when building a motorhome. For example, the motorhome construction experts at by NOMADS have written an extensive blog for this in which they describe various ideas for building a motorhome.

However, building your dream motorhome starts with determining your wish list. Every motorhome builder has different wishes and interests. That is why that should be your starting point before you start getting camper building ideas. If you first write down all your wishes, you can then look more specifically for the right bus for your motorhome.

Because every bus is different in height and length. These are often expressed in L1/H2. Or for example L2/H3. Every bus is different. For example, if you would like to save space in your bus by sleeping sideways, you will eventually have to go for a bus that is basically a lot wider than other buses.

A Fiat Ducato, for example, is already quite wide. Wider than a Renault Master or a Mercedes Sprinter. For example, if you would like to be able to stand in your future motorhome, you will also have to look at a box van that has quite a bit of height. Now you understand better why it is important to first make an extensive wish list before you immediately start getting camper building ideas.

The advantage is that you can now look much more closely at the right ideas because you already know the make and type of the cupboard trolley. In this way you can, for example, search for converted campers of, for example, the brand and type Volkswagen Crafter.

Fortunately, the camper construction experts at by NOMADS have written an extensive blog about this. They have also made a special ebook in which they have more than fifty different examples of already self-built campers.

On their website you will also find various DIY videos and a lot of blogs that go into detail how you can build a camper. Including building a free ebook camper. In addition, they have recently also fully translated their by NOMADS website into German to help the German market build a motorhome as well.