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Daily article marketing for a high position

Article marketing in Internet marketing is a component that performs normally daily. Of course this applies to Internet marketing in general also, however, article marketing is very specific. The daily activities of Internet marketing you might return to monitoring, tuning, possible (minor) adjustments and reporting. Article marketing is opposite every day a recurring activity. Article marketing is necessary site (s) to be driven to a high position in Google, but article marketing is then necessary to maintain the website (s) at those positions. There is a difference in how article marketing is used to drive web site (s) to a high position or hold the high position of the website (s).

Article marketing website (s) to rank higher

Within internet marketing is off-page SEO activity is the probably the biggest effort is performed unfortunate mistake often enough and still be underestimated. Article marketing can be a very good end this handy tool. Using article marketing, you can publish relevant articles to relevant external website in relevant categories, better and easier to manage. For example, when a new website that meets 100% of the on-page definition of Google, want to get a top ranking, you need to write very often unique items of at least 400 words. These items must have a very clear relationship with the new website. When the new website is about mattresses for example, can the articles on sleep, bedrooms, beds and the like go, but only when the article is about cars, Google will be the new site rather than punish reward. So the articles must be relevant. Holding on to the new website on mattresses, the primary keyword “mattress”, it is important that this primary word occurs approximately 10% of the number of words in the article. This article should then be published in an external website, which a relevant (mattresses, beds, sleeping, etc.) category present. From the article must refer a so-called anchor text to the new website. The new website about mattresses is the primary keyword “mattress”, this keyword may appear more than 5% as anchor text in the total number of references to the new website. The remaining 95% of the anchor texts must consist of, meaningful phrases in which the word occurs mattress (e.g. “a good mattress”) or even the “bare” URL reference. Here too, too high a percentage link references to the exact keyword, is punished by Google rather than rewarded. It should be understood that article marketing will benefit from good management of the articles and publishing them.