Health insurance foreign workers


If you have foreign employees, it is important they take out health insurance in the Netherlands. HollandZorg offers health insurance for foreign employees. This health insurance is especially for migrant workers who come to live and/or work in the Netherlands temporarily or for a longer period.

The employee can take out this insurance himself, but you can also arrange this. HollandZorg makes taking out and (temporarily) stopping a health insurance easy and considers the situation of your employees. Any family members residing in the Netherlands can also be co-insured with HollandZorg. And is your employee entitled to care allowance? If so, you can also apply for this.

The benefits of HollandZorg

HollandZorg has a number of advantages for labour migrants compared to other health insurers. For example, we make taking out health insurance as easy as possible. Also, the insurance can easily be stopped and reactivated when the employee returns to the Netherlands. In addition to a basic insurance we have several additional insurances and also a dental insurance can be taken out if necessary. For employers we have developed a portal, which gives you insight into the policy administration of your employees.

Care abroad

With our special health insurance for foreigners, employees can not only go to the Netherlands for care. They are also entitled to necessary care in other European countries. Reimbursement may vary per country. Also, the employee cannot contact every care provider. It is therefore important to always contact us in this case. We can refer you to the right care provider. Would you like to know more about a HollandZorg healthcare insurance? We will be happy to help you further.