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Opening a business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands (also referred to as Holland or the Low Lands) is known by many entrepreneurs not only as a highly developed European country, but also shows excellent economic development indicators. All of this is due to the stimulation of innovative business that is successfully bringing forward the economy of the Netherlands. Recently a fairly large number of new businesses moved over to the main land of Europe as a result of Brexit (the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union).

What are the specifics of innovative business?

Anyone who is interested in business formation in the Netherlands will for sure be interested in the following features of doing business in the Netherlands:

  • Holland has a diverse and stable economy and an established system;
  • the innovative economy provides many job and business opportunities for well educated person which did not remain unremarked by international career minded persons, entrepreneurs and investors;
  • the current favourable environment enables foreign entrepreneurs, even from outside the European Union, to obtain work permits, easily set up a business and enter any market.

If you are interest in the opportunities the Netherlands offer, you could best start to look for job opportunities or start on a business plan. Once this step has been taken successfully, you can initiate the process of obtaining a visa for the Netherlands, which is quite promising for any well-educated person or it-specialist from around the world. The Netherlands has an extremely simplified procedure for registering specialists. In one step a Dutch work and residence permit, fiscal number and registration with the municipality can be arranged and the waiting time will not be long. If you wish to start with minimal expenses can start your Dutch business at a virtual address or shared office. 


How to start Dutch business?

Import, export and logistics is an important industry in this country. The Netherlands have a very attractive VAT regime for import into the European Union. Because of the Brexit many UK and international companies in this business make the Netherlands their new hub to have an European VAT number and order to register a company in the Netherlands.

Dutch immigration law also enables to qualify as start-up entrepreneur and take part in innovative start-ups, which will give right to a residence permit and official permission to work in the Netherlands. As an entrepreneur it is advisable to start your own company in the Netherlands with the assistance of a team of tax, accounting and legal professionals specialised in guidance of new comers. This helps you to fully focus on business development, guarantees a smooth visa and company formation process and they can inform you on the applicable Dutch regulations and most effective set up.

ABiLiTieS Trust | Corporate Services is a Dutch business support and company formation specialist with experience in international business. We can help to quickly collect the necessary package of documents to get a visa and register a branch or company in the Netherlands. Our support will help you to avoid any pitfalls. Contact us for an introduction call.