Immigrant healthcare insurance


Do you come to the Netherlands to work? Then you are probably obliged to take out Dutch healthcare insurance. Everyone living in the Netherlands must be insured for healthcare. This also applies if you are only staying in the Netherlands temporarily or if you already have healthcare insurance in your country of origin. You can choose from many different health insurers but HollandZorg offers special healthcare insurance for foreign-nationals. We consider your situation and make it as simple as possible for you to take out healthcare insurance.

HollandZorg insurance

HollandZorg offers you basic insurance at a low premium. This will provide you with insurance for matters such as consultations with your general practitioner or hospital admission. Do you want to be given other specific care? Then you can take out supplementary insurance. HollandZorg gives you a choice of four supplementary insurance policies. You can choose the insurance policy which, based on your health needs, suits you best. We will gladly help you take out the right insurance. You can also count on us for care mediation, for example, if you need to wait too long for the care that you need due to long waiting lists.

EHIC card

You are mostly given a health card if you take out healthcare insurance in the Netherlands. This card contains your personal details and matters such as your insurance policy number. You will also be given an EHIC card at HollandZorg. This European Healthcare Insurance Card will entitle you to essential care if you stay in a country in the EU, EEA or Switzerland. This card will also be used as a healthcare card. The reimbursement made for specific healthcare differs from one country to the next. It is therefore important to remember this. At HollandZorg we will gladly assist you in thinking of ways to solve such matters. Therefore, feel free to contact us so that we can help you on your way.