Aspects of smart cities


Cities are becoming increasingly smart, but what does this mean? Well, there are 6 aspects of smart cities and these help a lot in understanding what smart cities actually are! Are you curious? Then find out all about these aspects below.

Smart economy

Things like innovativeness, entrepreneurship and a flexible job market as well as the international network are all important parts of the smart economy. It is characterized by the amount of cross contamination and cooperation between different countries and companies, which are becoming increasingly important within smart cities. 

Smart people

Smart cities also have smart people. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are well educated. It is more about the way they interact with each other, the way people participate in public life and how open-minded they are when it comes to different cultures and traditions. Smart cities are cities with lots of different people within them, so the ability of these people to live and work together is quite crucial to the functioning of said city.

Smart governance

Obviously, governance plays an important role when it comes to smart cities. Subjects like transparency, the availability of public and social services and the degree to which the inhabitants of the city are involved in decision making  are all aspects to look for in a smart city!

Smart mobility

Mobility offers huge challenges when it comes to larger cities, so that is also one of the subjects where the most creative and innovative solutions are found. All of those people need to go to and from work every day, at the very least, so mobility is crucial. Not only the transportation systems, but also the ICT infrastructure are important parts of this topic.

Smart environment

With so many people living closely together, the impact on the environment is far from insignificant. This means that the smart city will have to solve challenges when it comes to the environment. One of the ways this can be done is through smart waste solutions, which help cities deal with the collection and processing of waste.

Smart living

Last but certainly not least is smart living. This topic is all about civilians, their health, security, housing and social cohesion. In a smart city, they live together in a healthy harmony, but since a perfect world does not exist, this will always remain a challenge that requires attention and, you guessed it, smart solutions!