How do you keep a good romantic relationship?

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The percentage of people getting a divorce is on the rise for years. Why is this? Besides, what makes it so hard to keep a good romantic relationship? Unfortunately, there is no specific protocol on how to keep a spark between you and your loved one. But it is important to understand what people need in a romantic relationship and which elements are important.

A romantic relationship

People find it important to have stable relationships. It helps them to feel good about themselves or function well. This is because we find it comfortable to belong to a group and therefore get support from the people around us. So romantic relationships have lots of positive sides. It can give a positive effect on your well-being, your health and, overall functioning. Therefore having a good romantic relationship is not unimportant. Are you single? Do you think after reading this, I need to find someone? This is not always the case. In fact, you’ll likely be a whole lot happier single than you would be if you chose to stay in the wrong relationship. Being in a relationship where you cannot be yourself or argue a lot can have many negative effects and therefore be worse than not being in a relationship.

More and more people split up nowadays. Dating apps never have been more popular, at the moment we have the highest population of singles ever and blogs, podcasts and, books about love and relationships are very popular. What is the reason for this trend? And which elements in a relationship are important for having a good relationship?

The elements for a healthy romantic relationship

The elements for having a healthy romantic relationship are not the same for everyone , nor are they as important to one as it is to the other. These elements are also changing over time. Hundreds of years back, different aspects were important in a relationship compared to nowadays. These days most women can provide income and care of the family themselves. Additionally, the household chores hugely changed. Therefore different aspects for both women and men became important in a relationship and we set our standards higher than ever before.


What are important aspects of a romantic relationship nowadays? An important aspect is the connection you have with your loved one. The connection is about acceptance and intimacy. You and your partner understand and accept each other. Too much or too little can result in relationship problems.


A second important element is autonomy. This is about directing your own behavior. When there is too little autonomy, your behavior will be too much determined by your partner. Also to little autonomy can cause problems.


What is love? There is not an easy explanation why we fall in love with one each other and not with someone else. Love is not only based on the truth or a good relationship but also on desire and your own shortcomings.

Commitment and perseverance

Even though the connection, autonomy and, love are in balance in your relationship. There will be periods in life that will be arduous. In these times commitment and perseverance are important in a relationship.

Is it meant to be?

As mentioned before the above elements are often important in a relationship, but this is not the case for every relationship of course. In addition, the extent to which these elements are important differs per relationship. Do you want to know more about if you and your loved one are compatible with each other? Try a soulmate reading and find out if the two of you are meant to be together. Do you have struggles in your relationship and do you need some advice. Book a reading by the 24-hour psychic line and get the advice you need.