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Alternatives to party in 2021

The coronavirus has an impact on society. Almost all of the Netherlands is working, the number of infections is still there, festivals are canceled and performance and organizers may be at risk of going bankrupt because nobody is buying festival tickets. How do you defy this corona crisis as a festival artist? And how do you prepare for the world after this crisis? a summary of the long-read ‘How can artists and festivals defy the corona crisis’.

Digitization now necessary

The corona crisis is already having an impact and that impact will still be a poop crisis. Yuri van Geest tells this in the 33rd episode of the podcast Digital Power. The coronavirus not only leaves its mark on a physical level, but also in the field of culture and entertainment. The corona crisis means that organizations have to earn the trust and loyalty of fans and visitors again, says Van Geest.

The corona crisis is an era in which technology has now become a ‘commodity’, i.e. a common good. Digital has now really become ‘the new normal’. In the Netherlands, 95 percent of the population uses the internet and more than two thirds of the people are on social media. Smart artists and festivals remain relevant in the digital ecosystem called the Internet. Those who are able to fit in will also now have a greater chance of survival. Festivals and artists must dare to look ahead in these times. Yuri van Geest is clear in the podcast: this is the time to fully digitize the organization.

It has been a difficult time for artists, events and festivals. yet there is light at the end of the tunnel. In this video Denis Doeland explains 3 aspects of how artists, event festivals can grow in 2022.
“A lot of people are now creating more time for information, learning, entertainment and the like. This offers interesting opportunities for many organizations. We respond to this as well as possible with current and new relevant content concepts. For example, think of different ways to interact live with the audience of e-learning. We ensure that our customers make a real impact. We keep this post-rhythm consistent. This is how we achieve a healthy digital heart rate.”

Digital calls for digital heart rate

How do you ensure that you are not forgotten during this corona crisis and that you are the winner afterwards? By investing in a good digital reputation. This can be quit difficult because people at home do not have high tech speaker systems. The digital reputation contributes to offline and online growth of fans and other reactions. Therefore, be aware of what information is available online about you as an artist of the festival. After all, a good digital reputation of your digital brand value of maybe even prestige. A good digital reputation starts with a digital heartbeat: a familiar social media post rhythm.