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Why using a VPN for business?

After all, why should you choose a VPN for a business? A VPN service can make your computer network a lot more secure. But this is not the only reason to use this great service. To be able to talk more about this topic, we will explain the importance of implementing a VPN service for a business. Check this out!

So, what is actually a VPN?

In general, this is a Virtual Private Network service that allows more security in the data traffic between two points. In the case of enterprises, thanks to this technology, it is possible to have more security when networks are interconnected, for example, two or more brancs.

Of course, there are other methods of doing this, such as investing in a private line, connecting via radio links or using network cables. However, these solutions are often very expensive or not feasible. VPN is a completely virtual resource that can be easily installed for business. We can compare it to a virtual tunnel that connects a device to a network and is only accessible by authorized users.

How do VPNs work?

As mentioned before, the VPN is like a tunnel that prevents unauthorized third parties from accessing the information flow. We can say that, most of the time, the raw material of this tunnel is encryption. Encrypting the data exchanged between the different devices on a network can prevent intruders from reading the data. In addition, the information can be received and decrypted correctly by means of encryption on the other side. 

In a very simple way, we can describe how this communication takes place with three basic steps: 

1. The data to be transmitted is encrypted and properly encapsulated on one side.

2. Then, the information packages are sent through the tunnel effect of the encryption.

3. The device at the other end recognizes the sender. It then decrypts the received data and access it.

The importance of VPN services for businesses