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Fashion and Clothing

Vintage, secondhand and used clothing for wholesale

The experts at Brasco b.v. offer a wide range of vintage clothes for wholesale. The available items are from various decades, you can find items from the 90s, such as loosely fitted flared jeans, denim jackets or colourful tops with an exciting print, but also various items from other decades, such as the 80s or 70s. Whatever decade has your preference, you can order it in the online store of Brasco b.v. These items are ready to hit the shelves of your store right away, as they are all checked for possible stains and holes. This means that you will only receive items that adhere to the highest standards of quality. Your customers will surely be happy with the vintage clothing available for wholesale of Brasco b.v. So, take a look at their collection now and order your favourite items. These experts have contracts with various shipping companies worldwide, so you will enjoy good rates and fast worldwide shipping when ordering in this online store.

Take care of the environment with vintage clothing

Vintage clothing is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. The reason is the fact that recycling vintage clothing is better for the environment than continually ordering new clothes. The production of clothing asks a lot of the environment, not solely because the clothes need to be distributed across the world. Vintage clothes have already been produced, so it takes less of a toll on the environment. A lot of clothes are discarded each day, even though they might still be good enough to wear. This means that it is a waste to throw them away, you are better of making someone else happy with it by making it available as vintage clothing for wholesale.

Feel free to ask your questions

Would you like to know more about the vintage clothing available for wholesale that is offered by Brasco b.v., but do you have any questions that you want answered before ordering? Feel free to get in touch with these experts.