Time to give your old vintage clothes a new life


If you’ve got some old clothes lying around somewhere, of maybe have picked up a bargain at a charity shop, and you are not entirely shure what to do with it, do not get rid of it yet! Because chances are you can make something very fabulous and original with it. You don’t need that much. All you need is a sewing kit, leather shoe paint and a free afternoon.

Here are some tips to get started with customising your vintage clothes. First of all. Before you start think about what your’e going for. Look around you for styles and trends that are coming up. It is best to approach this as much open minded as you can be. You could incorporate your syle on all kinds of items. You can even alter the items you’re working on. Try the same you usually do with jeans on a denim jacket! Also try and have a clear vision of what you want to add to your collection. If you start this way you won’t regret your desicions later on.

The next tip is: be open to sizes. When you going through all the different items of clothing, you definetely want a size that had a good fit. But the different brands all have diferent sizing. A size 12 at one brand is a different fit for another one. Alternating the sizes you wear can help you with having a broader variety of styles. Maybe a larger top could be made smaller for a cropped effect.

The last tip: don’t stop with just your clothing! You can also give your shoes a new breath of life. Try this leather dye kit. It’s the most easy and complete way to start experimenting. Now it’s your turn to make your wardrobe as unique and stylish as possible.