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These are the most popular pizzas

Pizza is one of the most famous dishes in the world and there are a lot of varieties. That makes it hard to choose one favorite, but there are a couple of pizzas that many people like. In this article we’ll list four of the most popular pizzas and tell you a little bit about their origin story. 

Where does pizza come from?

Pizza finds its origin in Naples, where the dish was firstly invented as a street food, mainly for poor people. Pizza dough is made of flour, water and yeast. You can buy delicious pizza dough at Monte Pizza Crust. The dough is topped with mostly tomato sauce and cheese, although in some regions the tomato sauce is omitted. Pizza had evolved from a simple street food dish, to a popular dish for restaurants and dinner at home as well. 

Pizza margherita

This pizza might be the most popular pizza of all. Pizza margherita is the most basic pizza of all, because it is literally the basis of all the pizzas. This pizza consists of just a layer of tomato sauce and cheese. Most of the time, mozzarella is used as the cheese on the top of the pizza. Sometimes there is some basilicum on the pizza as well.

Pizza salami

It is all in the name. Pizza salami is a pizza made with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and of course salami. You can use different types of salami on the pizza, but mostly used is the traditional Italian salami. This salami is a bit spicy, which gives the pizza a real kick.

Pizza quattro formaggi

There should always be cheese on a pizza. The quattro stagioni takes this rule to a whole other level and forms a pizza with cheese as the main ingredient. Of course there is mozzarella on this pizza, as well as gorgonzola, provolone and parmesan. These four cheeses make the pizza creamy, soft, spicy and salty at the same time. The perfect pizza for cheese lovers!

Pizza funghi

Mushrooms are a very popular ingredient in many dishes. For example in pizzas. Pizza funghi is all about the mushrooms. You can use different mushrooms on one pizza to give the flavor a bit more depth.