The jewelry trends for the spring and summer of 2021

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Days become longer and flowers start blooming. This means spring and summer are on their way! After the rainy days and being home all the time, it is almost time to shine. The spring and summer of 2021 are ahead, and of course, you cannot wait to show your new outfit and matching jewelry to all your friends. But are you already aware of the newest jewelry trends? We will inspire you with some of the newest trends.


Mixing gold, silver, and rosé

Do you think you always have to wear silver and switch to gold the other day? Not anymore. Mixing gold, silver and rosé is one of the newest trends. By combining these colors, you create a playful effect that matches your vintage look. Combine your silver earrings with your gold bracelets. Wear both rosé and gold necklaces at the same time. Or use both silver and gold beads in your self-made jewelry. 



Pearls made their comeback! Not surprising, pearls make every piece of jewelry and therefore your outfit look more luxurious. Besides, pearls can be used in every piece of jewelry. No matter if you use pearls in your earrings, bracelets, or necklace, it will always look good. Most of us may think about round pearls, but did you know that pearls exist in different shapes? Therefore, there is no excuses not to use pearls in your jewelry this year! Ask your mom or grandma if they have some old pearl necklaces in their jewelry box you can have. Use them to create your new perfect jewelry for the spring and summer of 2021.



Chokers? You might think that this was a trend from a couple of years back. But this trend is not over yet. The chokers this year might look a bit different but are must-have jewelry this spring and summer. The choker does not have to be very tight around your neck but can be a bit looser. Do you choose a leather choker or one from metal? Chokers exist in all different materials and styles; therefore, they will always match your outfit. Do you want to make your own choker? Decorate it with different pendants and charms. Besides, a choker can be easily combined with other, longer necklaces.This gives a layered effect and makes sure every necklace is visible.



Even though last year chains were upcoming, they cannot be missed during the spring and summer of 2021. The beautiful thing about chains is that you can wear them in every thickness, length, or shape. In addition, they can be used in all your jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Do you go for round, square or oval? Why not match them? The trend of 2021, match them! Try different shapes and sizes.



One earring or mix & match?Yes, you heard it well. Why should you wear two of the same kind? Make a statement by just wearing an earring in one ear. Try it with one big earring. This will definitely make a statement. Or try two different ones in each lobe. An advantage: you don’t have to choose between your favorite earrings anymore!

Ear cuffs

You don’t have your ears pierced? Don’t worry, ear cuffs are the answer. They exist in every size and material and are definitely hip and happening. Because ear cuffs are adjustable, they will always fit perfectly and are an excellent idea when you don’t have your ears pierced.


Colorful beads

Having been stuck at home for some time, we can see the summer of 2021 is almost arriving. The sun is out, and the birds are singing. Time to shine with the most colorful beads. Try making your own necklace with colorful beads and show it to your friends this spring and summer! Bordeaux red, orange, yellow, cognac, army green, and old pink cannot be missed in your jewelry made from beads. Tell your own story with your beads and combine them with the most beautiful charms and pendants. Charms and pendants with animals or your own zodiac sign are hip and happening today, so try them out!

Seashell jewelry

The summer and the beach are inevitably linked together. Therefore, jewelry with shells is coming back this summer. Are you going for a bracelet, necklace, or anklet with shells on it? Why not make it yourself? Choose the most beautiful shells you can find on the beach and create your own jewelry!


Let the spring begin!

As mentioned above, this summer is one we are going to enjoy! From jewelry you make a statement with, to combining colors, shapes, and metals, it’s all possible this year. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to create your own jewelry this year! Now that you are up to date on the newest jewelry trends of 2021, let the spring begin! Buy all the materials you need at an online bead store and don’t wait any longer with creating the perfect jewelry!