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Some essential accessories for the groom

Don’t we say that a groom without accessories … it’s a bit like an apple tree without apples …!


When the big day arrives, the bride is always the center of attention, however the groom must also be all dressed up.

Here are some tips on essential accessories that will highlight your outfit while leaving the bride her status as Princess of the day.


This guide is there to inspire you and allow you to plan with calm the last details that will highlight the wardrobe of the groom. Weddings are a great time to wear different accessories and the bride and groom should not hesitate to have fun choosing colors that will make them stand out. If your wedding follows a particular theme you will also have the opportunity to customize your accessories according to this theme. In addition, these essential accessories will give you the opportunity to try new looks while respecting your budget.


Here are some things to keep in mind:


– Cufflinks

– Pocket squares

– Bowties/ Ties & Tie clips

– Rings



The cufflinks and the tie clip can be the same in color, gold or silver if you opt for a traditional look, but if you want a wedding rich in colors you will find in current trends many design or materials such as for example wood or stone. A little advice: don’t forget that the clip must always be placed between the third and fourth button of the shirt and this without ever exceeding the width of the tie.

Pocket Squares

Certainly, a white pocket square will always be an eternal classic, but there are so many other possibilities these days that it would be a shame not to try new combinations.

The pocket square and the buttonhole are perfect elements to play with colors.

For example, if you want to increase the presence of pink in your outfit but that without necessarily wearing a pink shirt, you can simply add a pink silk square.

Bowties / Ties and Tie Clips

If the theme of your wedding is traditional you will have to wear a bow tie.

The bow tie will make you a classic man if you choose black with a tuxedo or a colorful groom if you decide to wear it in a bright color. And if you are a novice of this accessory, a chic bow tie worn with a classy tuxedo will always be a sure bet.


If you are a fan of ties, you can opt for a unique color, preferably black, blue or even pink for the more daring ones without forgetting to associate a tie clip for a perfect outfit. One last idea that may tempt you is to choose your accessories according to the seasons. This means that you may wear a linen tie for a summer wedding or a wool tie for a winter wedding.


Finally, we all know that a wedding isn’t one without the exchange of rings. However, you may still wear some rings as an accessory. The only rule is to make sure that the rings are not placed on your left hand, as the wedding ring should be the only one shining on your fingers. You could wear a nice signet ring on your right hand in order to have some symmetry when you will wear your wedding one. Just make sure it isn’t too big so it doesn’t outshine the one you will receive.


Classic or colorful wedding, the main thing is to make you happy in the choice of your accessories.

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