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High quality unidirectional carbon fiber

Are you the proud owner of a company in the composites industry, and are you looking for a trustworthy supplier of unidirectional carbon fiber, carbon fiber filler and more? Eurocarbon is your experienced partner! This amazing company was founded in 1982 and specialises in braiding and weaving with the ‘new’ material: carbon fiber. Since then, this company has developed a large assortment of products and are a trusted supplier for countless manufacturers. So if your company is in need of unidirectional carbon fiber, carbon fiber filler or other braided or woven reinforcements, contact these experts to provide you with the necessary materials!

The benefits of unidirectional carbon fiber

Unidirectional carbon fiber is a type of carbon fiber that can be made into a woven or braided reinforcement with all fibers running in a single, parallel direction. Because of the construction of this material it is possible to turn it into robust yet light components. This is because there are no gaps between the fibers and the fibers lay flat. So if you need a strong and light reinforcement, Eurocarbon from The Netherlands are here to help you.

A wide selection of carbon fiber fillers

Additionally, you can also enlist the help of this specialist company if you are in need of a high quality carbon fiber filler. Depending on your situation, the type of carbon fiber filler you need may differ. The expert craftsmen at this company are more than happy to provide you with more information and personal advise to ensure you get the right carbon fiber fillers for your specific application.

Inquire about the possibilities

Are you interested in the high quality products this specialised company had to offer? Do not hesitate to contact them to receive more information. You can reach them by using the contact information as listed on their website. Ask all of your questions and request a quote. The employees are more than happy to help you!