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Adjustable Beds 101 – Understanding Your Options

Adjustable beds come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials. Some adjustable beds have a steel frame and metal headboard and footboards, while others are made of wood, plastic, or the all-important feather-filled materials. If you opt for one of the fancy adjustable beds, then you’ll probably want to shop around and check out some of the nicer brands. In general, mattresses from certain manufacturers tend to be more comfortable than others. However, no matter what material your adjustable bed mattresses are made out of, you’re likely to find something you like, as long as it stays within your price range and suits your needs. According to a recently published review of the best adjustable beds, you need to figure out the features of adjustable beds you want before you decide which base you want to purchase.

When shopping for an adjustable bed, make sure that the base is sturdy and comfortable to sleep on. One of the best things about an adjustable base is that if you ever want to remove it and move it, that you can take the bed with you. If your regular mattress isn’t supportive enough for your particular needs, you can always buy a memory foam mattress pad to place on top of your regular mattress and turn it into a customized bed that meets your specific sleeping needs.

The most common types of adjustable bed bases are hydraulic, adjustable pedestal, and electronic. Hydraulic systems use pumps to position the bed at different heights, which means that you can change the sleeping position by moving the pump closer or further from the base. Electronic adjustable bed bases incorporate electronic controls that allow the bed to “turn on”, “turn off”, and other various movements, which means you can select from several different modes. The nice thing about electronic adjustable bases is that they eliminate the mechanical parts of the bed and are generally more comfortable. However, these systems are limited by the amount of manual work you can perform with them.

Another type of adjustable bed base includes a remote control unit. A remote control allows you to adjust the mattress and other features of your bed at different times and adjusts the height of the headboard and footboard to your liking. These units are usually more expensive than their hydraulic counterparts, but you can expect to have better control over the adjustments and have more comfort when you are using one. One downside to remote control adjustable bed bases is that you may accidentally switch the controls on your bed. This can be frustrating, especially if you have used the remote control to change the positions of the beds during your inspection.

The final type of adjustable bed base, we will discuss is the platform base. Platform adjustable beds feature two parallel rails that extend across the mattress. You can adjust the mattress either using the built in hydraulic system or by turning the rails themselves. Because this type of bed has rails that extend along the whole length of the mattress, it is not as versatile as the previous two options, but it is still effective for many people.

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