Abstract Tube: Your way to success


Having your scientific abstract presented or published in a conference, magazine or journal is a big deal, right? What is even more of a big deal is to be able to present your work to everyone that might be interested in the specific topic. Abstract Tube gives you the possibility to upload a video of your published work for the whole world to see. This includes dissertations, theses, movies, magazines, conference papers, and more in addition to scholarly journal articles.

See it as something between Youtube and a scientific journal. Abstract Tube combines the best of the two without all the overload of videos of youtube and without the limited audience of a journal.

Why choose a video? Videos engage audience more than text. Moreover videos are easier to share and can hold more information. Last but not least making a video is way easier and  faster than writing a text.  With the advancement of technology and the new generation of researchers being all the more tech savvy, video is the way to reach a wider, more diverse audience.

Abstract videos published on Abstract Tube can be shared around the world. Abstract tube can help researchers get their hands on things that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. That might make them all the more interested in reading the entire paper or watch the whole movie. It also gives you the certainty that the content of the videos is high-quality and performed by credentialed individuals and all the information shared is valid.