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Ways to improve your writing


There are plenty of ways to practice writing. Writing is a craft and something that is known to get better the more you practice it. Don’t think you’re going to complete a successful novel after just one try.

There are definitely ways to increase not only the fun you’re having, but also the way you write. Maybe you haven’t even considered writing with a pen, even though studies show it may increase understanding of your own concepts. Maybe your workspace is a mess, or you write better when you are away from home. Here are some ways that might increase your writing that you haven’t heard of yet.

Your workspace

Ofcourse, where you write is detrimental to good writing. This is different for everyone though. Some great writers, like Hemingway, would write in a bar whilst completely drunk. I won’t recommend that, but it shows that there is never one thing or one way that works for everyone. But for most people having an inspiring workplace is really important. Adapt it to what you want to write. If you want to write about your own life, have some photos around you, or some journals. If you want to write about forests, you can put up some pictures of nature. This will also cause you to be more descriptive when you write.

Your technique

Your technique means not just the way you write sentences down, but also how you write them down. Most people these days tend to use Word or some other equivalent of it. Research has actually shown that when you write something down on paper by hand, it increases your ability to understand concepts. Since writing by hand is slower, you have to really think when you are writing things down. This generally makes for way more effort, but also better writing. Maybe consider investing in a really good notebook and a really high quality pen. Pens like the Montblanc limited edition pens are definitely a good investment. Not only will they last longer, they make the writing more smooth and will relieve the strain on your wrist.

Before you start

Think about going for a long walk or going for a workout before you start writing. Not only will this increase your energy, it usually accompanies more inspiration. You can also meditate for 5-10 minutes before starting a new chapter. Maybe even do a visualization exercise before you start working on a specific idea or setting. There are tons of those meditative exercises online for free. Sometimes starting with a blank page also works really well. You can add on to the existing story later, but sometimes we just need a new start. Or at least, for it to feel like one.

It is important to do some work before you start typing or writing away. Consider what you like best and how you work better. Be that with a cross pen set or Word. Writing is very personal. Don’t worry about having a lot of drafts in your folders or a lot of notebooks laying around. It’s all practice. Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up!

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