Rapid alignment of bolt holes with swivel flanges


Rapid yet correct alignment is very important when bolting subsea pipeline flanges. Not only to ensure the intactness of the piping system, but also for environmental reasons to prevent leakage of fluids. Hence, it is important to use the right flanges for bolting subsea pipelines. PipingMarket.eu offers the flanges you need; swivel flanges. These flanges consist of a heavy forged welding hub in combination with a rotating forged ring. Thanks to this structure, 360 degree rotation is possible to correctly and rapidly align the bolt holes when attaching to a mating flange. Swivel flanges therefore reduce dive-time.

Why you best order your swivel flanges from this web shop

If you need swivel flanges for your offshore piping system, you best order those from PipingMarket.eu. This is the one-stop web shop for all the piping products you may possibly need. They offer all their products in a wide range of variants, so you can always get the right products for your application. Their swivel flanges are available in different pressure ratings and dimensions. Once you know which pressure rating and dimension you need, it is really easy to order the right swivel flanges from this supplier.

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