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Those who can handle a brush well will not easily switch to a roller. Those who are used to a roller never use an ordinary brush, because for every paint applies: it is faster and easier with a roller. Determine which form of painting in your home is easiest for you.


Use short-haired mohair rollers for opaque and transparent varnishes, pickling and acrylic paint. There short-haired mohair rollers are available in countless widths, right down to the narrowest edges.

1)      Always use a paint box and a distribution grid for a roller.

2)      Distribute the paint longitudinally on door posts and window frames.

3)      In large areas, first paint the paint horizontally and then distribute it with overlapping movements.


Painting with brush

Use good quality long-hairs or oval brushes; with a cheap brush you will do a botch job. Do not buy brushed too small. For doors a brush of approximately five centimeters, window frames three centimeters, for narrow edges a brush of one and a half centimeters or a very handy radiator brush.


Painting step by step

1)      Dip a brush to approximately 1/3 of the hair length. Do not level off the brush. By turning the brush, the paint does not drip.

2)      Hold a brush as a pen, but do not press too lightly, work the paint with long smooth strokes.

3)      Put paint on well. Splitting on a narrow surface with upward and downward movements from button to top prevents tufts.

4)      A door is divided into three parts for the eye. Paint with a pair of rough verticals, set up thick, then divide with horizontal strokes and vertical from bottom to top. Do the second and third part in the same way.


If all of this is still not your cup of tea you might want to consider a wagner airless paint sprayer. A spray gun a fast but accurate way of painting