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Coupon Promotion Guide for eCommerce Stores

Providing your clients with coupons and promos may help you provide customers exactly what they want, equal or beat rival deals, attract more people to your company, and increase sales. Coupons and promotions can help you increase your sales significantly. People are currently looking for a good deal. But, at certain periods of the year, such as the holiday rush, a major discount is almost unavoidable.

Promotions are beneficial to more than just customers. Your business will see a boost in sales, but you’ll also see an increase in return customers who came to your website because of the campaign. A fantastic campaign will delight customers and give your website a new lease on life. Here are some of the top ideas for your eCommerce discount program to get you started.


Percentage Discount Coupon

A percentage discount can be used in different ways. For example, you can give a percentage discount on a certain product or the order. Smaller percentage discounts help build client interest. Greater discounts, such as 40% to 50% off or more, are excellent for getting rid of things that aren’t selling.

To decide whether to provide a percentage or cash value discount for particular goods, Shopify suggests using the following strategy: Use a percentage discount if the item you’re discounting was originally less than $100. Use a dollar discount if it costs more than $100. This technique can help create the most visible value for the consumer.


The Product Includes A Gift Card Coupon

If you want to increase sales of a new product or service, follow these steps. With each order, you can include a gift card. As a reference, an online grocery shop supplies a business that wants clients to subscribe to automatic deliveries and can offer them a voucher for a gift card when they sign up for the first time. Shoplazza suggests using the freebies to encourage positive word-of-mouth.


This type of gift-card coupon deal will not only encourage customers to try your new service or product, but it will also encourage them to return to the shop since you’re giving them a gift card that they can only use at your online shop.


Discounts That Are Either Limited Or Permanent

Coupons might be time-limited, such as a week-long sale. They can also be permanent, such as a discount code that is always valid. In eCommerce, permanent coupons are becoming more prevalent. They are usually only offered to new clients for their first order. Customers who have been recommended by a particular site or by some other client may receive them.


Get One Free When You Buy One

You can offer a buy one, get one free deal. If customers purchase a product, they will receive a second one for free. For example, “Buy a pair of shoes at full price and get a second pair of your choice for free.” Customers are more likely to buy extra things and spend more money, because they believe they obtain high-quality stuff at a reasonable cost.


Coupon for Free Shipment

According to marketing expert David Bell, customers prefer a free delivery offer over a $10 total purchase discount, even if shipping costs are less than $10. Consider adding a free shipping option to your site if you don’t already have one; if a cart is abandoned or not checked out, it is determined by shipping rates. When you don’t, consider using a free delivery coupon. Even if you already provide free delivery, a voucher for speedier free shipping, such as two or three-day or overnight shipping, is an extremely appealing offer.


(Contributed by M. Zeeshan & Hermes Fang)

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