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I have fond memories of visiting my college library when studying some years ago. This was somewhat marred by the fact that the 3 books that I wanted seeming to have been stolen. I remember feeling disappointed and frustrated. With a recent visit to a different library, I found to my great pleasure that libraries now use sophisticated technology to prevent loss.

Dialoc id Library Solutions

I discovered that they were utilising the technology of a company called Dialoc ID. This Dutch company started to manufacture electronic equipment for article surveillance about 30 years ago. Since then this high-quality equipment has been developed and used to provide library solutions worldwide.

The system

Library tail tags, a small electronic device is secured in the spine of a book without causing damage. A computer system stores the data for each book and access to the computer system is only available by electronic ID.


With books and users both electronically identified it is possible for self-service terminals to be positioned within a library. A library user can identify themselves using the ID card and then proceed to take out a book from the library. Returns can be made 24 hours a day through an external interface that identifies both user and book. These library solutions dramatically reduces the input required by staff especially as Items passing through the system are automatically sorted for easy return to the shelves.


The security of products is achieved by providing sensors at exit points that are able to identify any books passing through that have not been processed by the system. A hand-held terminal allows shelves of books to be scanned to check that they are in the correct position within the library as well as other auditing functions creating the ultimate library solutions.