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Purchase high-quality, ‘green’ ecological firestarters online

Are you searching the web for a well-established, experienced manufacturer of high-quality ecological firestarters? In this case, look no further – since Fire-Up International is the expert you are looking for. The in the Netherlands based company is a global manufacturer of natural firelighters. Back in the days, the company was renown for its wide assortment in the are of ‘outdoor living & cooking’. Today, the specialists focus on manufacturing and supplying fire related products, specially developed for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues. Because of its ‘green’ and ecological mindset, the company is always striving to develop more sustainable products and production methods, in order to reduce the ecological footprint as much as possible.

The many benefits of natural firelighters

The ecological firestarters that Fire-Up International manufactures, are healthy and natural alternatives to the regular firelighters you will find in the shops. The firelighters are made from renewable sources and do not contain kerosene or paraffin wax. They are non-toxic, not harmful when they get in contact with vegetation and produce minimum waste. On top of all of this, the ecological firestarters are non-explosive, ignite smoothly, have no unpleasant smell, are not oily or greasy and will burn for six up to twenty minutes. The firelighters are available in different sizes, in different features. No matter your wishes and needs: in the assortment there definitely are ecological firestarters that meet all of your needs.

Get in touch with the specialists of the company

In case you are looking for a manufacturer of ecological firestarters, Fire-Up International is the company you should reach out to. Do you have any questions about the assortment or would you like to know more about the production process of the natural firelighters, for instance? Contact the professionals of the company to receive more information. They will be happy to help you and answer all of your questions.

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