Meeting room in the south of Amsterdam


The purpose of a meeting is often to share information or make decisions. Meeting with colleagues does not always seem necessary but is certainly conducive to effective collaboration. A common problem is that companies see meetings as a time-consuming agreement and are not willing to invest in it. This is a shame because without consultation or coordination often arise or work remains. It is therefore important that you hold regular meetings about current affairs within your company or team.

Inspiring environment

An external location is good for new insights and inspiration. When you opt for an external location, this is good for new insights and provides inspiration. This is because you work in the same environment every day and because of this your nerves do not receive new stimuli. When you choose an inspiring environment, you trigger incentives among your participants and new insights will arise. In addition, meeting outside the office has other advantages. This way everything is arranged for you and you can deal with the agenda items. Teambuilding activities can also be organized at an external location. Organize a workshop after the meeting and kill two birds with one stone. For example, choose a workshop with appropriate activities that match your agenda items. This is good for both your meeting and team building.

Finding a suitable meeting room in Amsterdam that is suitable for both holding a meeting and giving a workshop is not always easy. You need professional equipment and facilities for this. A location must not only have the right facilities, but the facility also plays a major role. The arrangement of your room, the lighting and the interior determine, for example, the atmosphere of your meeting.

Be surprised by the Van der Valk inspiring and unique venues in Amsterdam. From the meeting rooms you have a beautiful view over the Amstel and the meeting rooms have plenty of daylight. Because of the wide range of rooms, you can meet with a large and small company. Each hall has unique features and luxurious facilities such as an LCD presentation screen and a ClickShare wireless presentation system. There are also various options for organizing your meeting. Think of a meeting package or the special break-out areas. In short, Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam-Amstel is an ideal location to hold your meeting.