Enjoy the expertise of this law network of professionals


Are you seeking representation for a legal matter which you or your company are involved in? The professionals of LawExchange International have outstanding experience in handling various legal cases and counseling clients. The member firms which are affiliated with this law network boast several areas of expertise. Are you engaged in a matter which involves the public domain? Let the experts of LawExchange International take care of it. To assure that the needs of clients of member firms are met, LEI has created and implemented its own protocols. For example, they conduct a free 30 minute ‘No Meter Running’ consultation policy. This allows attorneys from this firm to have preliminary consultations with other member firms at no cost.

Member firms who keep their word and commitments

When working with an attorney from LawExchange International you can expect nothing but the best. They strive to assure that member firms keep their word and commitments, which builds and reinforces trust. Primary commitments include the following:

  • On time
  • On budget
  • Efficiently staffed
  • With clear communication with the client in advance if time and budget cannot be met
  • With an indemnity insurance proper for jurisdiction

These tenets assure clients benefit from an efficient and high-quality working method. With the backing of the attorneys of this law network, you’ll soon find yourself on the winning side of your legal matter. The lawyers always give you an outstanding advice, based on your personal situation and needs.

Support from all over the world

With the support from LawExchange International, you benefit from the expertise of professionals from all over the world. This law network of professionals consists of 34 independent member firms which are located in nearly 30 countries. With representation by these experts, you gain the benefit of the knowledge and experience of a wide network of law professionals. Get in touch!